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5 Week Group Coaching Program

For Women Ready to live on their OWN terms and make positive change that lasts.

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Are you ready to live life on your terms?

Do you feel like you've been stuck, or frustrated with the results you’re getting in life? Or maybe you're looking for guidance on how to make a positive change that lasts. If so, I'm here to help! 

My passion is to help women make positive changes in their lives, whether it's through weight loss, a career change or improved relationships. I know how hard that can be and what it takes to get there – because I've been through it myself


​With my guidance you will learn how to make decisions that are aligned with your values to create a life that is stress free, healthy and abundant.

We will work together to uncover what is holding you back, take an honest look at the impact these beliefs are having on your life, and create a plan to overcome them.


And together we will achieve sustainable change that will last for a lifetime—allowing you to live a stress free, healthy and abundant life.

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Here's What's Included:


1 x Distant Reiki Healing session to remove blocked energy within your body


5 x Group Coaching Calls held on Zoom

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Access to me on what's app to ask all your burning questions


A Weekly Self Love & Emotions tracker


A how to guide to goal setting

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The Benefits of Group Coaching 

  • A safe place to express what you are going through in a safe place

  • Healing with like minded women who often become life long friends

  • Learning from others and growing more than you would on your own

  • Having an accountability partner who encourages you to keep going

  • Celebrating each other's success stories


Record & Monitor your Progress in the following areas

  1. Daily Movement: this could be as simple as going for a walk

  2. Daily Water Intake: How much water did you drink today

  3. Daily Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - What did you eat today?

  4. Daily Journaling: did you spend anytime journaling today to

  5. let go of the thoughts running in your mind?

  6. Daily Gratitude: what/who are you grateful for today?

Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ready to say hell yes to making positive change in your life? Let me show you how. 

Register for the 5 week group coaching program below

What the women who came before you are saying...

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