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Goal Setting for an Empowered Life

Goal Setting is a powerful tool.

It helps guide your focus to what you want to achieve in life. When you have your goals defined creating new behaviors that are aligned with what you desire becomes easy and is very rewarding. 


In this workshop we will be using SMART goals as they help to keep you accountable, on track and successful. In addition you will be provided with tools to better manage your time and resources.


The Benefits of Goal Setting

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Feel Empowered & Build Confidence

Having clearly defined goals that you are actively working towards gives you more control. It will also be empowering as you notice your progress towards the desired outcome.

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Enhance your Strengths

Setting goals that use your strengths is a great way to empower you to achieve other goals that need the extra effort

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Increase Motivation

SMART goals are measured and time based, so they motivate you to take action towards your goal and keep on track

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Successful Outcomes

Using the SMART goals principle, makes it easier to successfully achieve your goal

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Napoleon Hill

In this workshop we will: 

- Learn what SMART goals are

- Learn how to apply them to your personal goals

- Create 3 SMART goals in the areas of your life that you would like to improve. 

Common goals incorporate career, finances, health, relationships and spirituality. 

Goal Setting Workshop Form Anchor

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