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How I Manifested My Dream Home

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Have you ever wanted to live near the beach or in a certain location because every-time you think of that place you feel happy?

A few years ago I was ready to move out of the family home into my own place near the beach, my happy place. Of course the house would be smaller, but I didn't mind. All I knew was, the time had come to follow my heart and venture out of suburban Melbourne to beachside Melbourne.

Little did I know a month later I was planning to move to Sydney, where I ended up living for 2.5 years. Not having lived in Sydney previously was super exciting, but i didn’t want to let go of my dream of living near the beach. And thankfully I didn't have to.

I lived in a beautiful place with amazing views with my boyfriend at the time.

Unfortunately the relationship ended, which meant I had an opportunity to find a new home and build new experiences.

Having always dreamt of living somewhere with views of the Habour bridge, I decided now was the time to go exploring. In my mind I kept thinking about Cremorne point, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any houses there that fit my criteria.

It was then that I decided I needed to update my vision board and get clear on what I wanted my new home to look and feel like. I wanted a newly developed home, with floor boards, a view of the harbour bridge, a feeling of peace, in a safe location and somewhere central.

I wasn’t asking for much now was I, haha. All I knew was that the universe would give me exactly what I wanted or something better if I continued to have faith and trust that the right place would come to me.

Not knowing Sydney too well, I went on a search for homes in different suburbs, and that is when I was led to my new home.

The rent was higher than what I wanted to pay, but I thought I’ll just go have a look and see what happens. I fell in love straight away, the apartment even had a fireplace which is something I always wanted.

I could see myself enjoying a hot tea while reading a book near the fireplace so I asked the consultant if I could make an offer with a lower price. She said I don't think the owner will say yes, but I will try for you. Low and behold he called a minute later and she passed on my offer and he said YES!!!

I was going to live in another amazing place and I was SUPER EXCITED. I got to enjoy New Year’s eve from my own home and celebrate with some amazing people. I had achieved another one of my big dreams - to enjoy New Years Eve in Sydney with clear views of the midnight fireworks.

Sydney was a great experience and it taught me that I have the power to achieve whatever I put my mind to.

I now live back in Melbourne, where I am closer to my family, am surrounded by great friends and yup, live in an amazing home in Port Melbourne, right near the beach.

This new home is filled with luxuries that we all dream about and can have, like a rooftop pool, beautiful views of the Melbourne CBD, a gym with yoga classes and classy restaurants.

Image from P.M facebook page

Having a nice home is only the icing on the cake for me. These homes have shown me that with the help of the universe I can achieve anything I put my mind to, as long as I am clear on what I want and it is for my highest good.

When you go after your dreams with a feeling of joy, appreciation and peace, you will always get what you desire, no matter how big the dream feels right now.

What do you desire in your life? Is it a new home, a loving relationship, money to travel the world? Whatever it is, you can ACHIEVE IT.

I have used vision boards for many years to manifest loving relationships, positive experiences and material success. I have also manifested a new job with paying my desired salary, attracted new clients through YWR and made new friends who are kind and like minded.

If you are ready to bring your dreams to life and achieve what you TRULY DESIRE now is the time:

  • to sign up for the vision board workshop or

  • book a free 45 minute consultation with me to learn more about cultivating an abundance mindset with empowered coaching

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