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Meet Aradhana

Mindset Coach, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Are you living a life free of judgement and full of happiness? I believe that we all deserve to live a life that is filled with love and it all starts with how you treat yourself.

What does a life filled with love look like you ask?


Wouldn’t it be nice:

  • to stop self judgement and criticism

  • to be able to manage stress and anxiety with ease

  • to be able to enjoy spending time with your loved ones without fear of being judged

  • to FINALLY be happy with where you are at in life right now. 

And to live a life that is CREATED by you FOR YOU.

I can show you how...

IMG_3159 (1)_edited.png

Being able to live a happy & love filled life may sound too good to be true, but trust me when I say it’s not.

It all comes down to SELF LOVE and how you treat yourself. Do you feel you are worthy of what you truly desire?

Over the last 2 years I have shifted from fear of judgement to BEING HAPPY in my own skin by

  • practicing self love

  • getting sound sleep

  • releasing negative thought patterns and

  • believing I am WORTHY of a happy & love filled life

And I want the SAME FOR YOU!!

I will guide you through a 3 month coaching program that helps you to work through your LIMITING BELIEFS, heal CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, and OVERCOME the self judgement stopping you from living a healthy & HAPPY life.


You will be provided with a toolkit of self healing techniques such as breathwork, meditation, a yoga sequence and journaling. The exciting news, they will help you maintain the SELF Love practises you love post the 3 month program :)


Free 45 minute Coaching & Reiki Call!

Are you ready to kick start your healing journey and move from FEAR to LOVE? Let's connect on this free call to get you started. You will also receive a mini reiki healing to help you feel energised post our session. 

I Invite you to work with me as your Mindset Coach where we will focus on:


Embodying Self

Care practices


Relieving you from Stress and Anxiety


Building Healthy



Boosting your Self Confidence


Giving you Inner Peace 

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Looking for direction in your life?

Book your free 45 minute coaching call below!


"Aradhana has been inspirational from the time we met. I could talk to her about anything and she was always willing to listen. Her coaching has helped me get my finances & health back on track."

- Belinda


"I finally decided to stop hiding and get some help. Aradhana's coaching was instrumental in helping me better manage stress. She supported me with love and grace."

- Aimee


“I didn't know how coaching could help me until I did the 3 month program with Aradhana. She taught me the importance of self love, and I have finally learnt to accept and love myself irrespective of my weight. The numbers on the scales no more define how I feel. "

- Neha

Keep up with Aradhana Arya on Instagram...

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