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Meet Aradhana

Hi Beautiful, Thank you for dropping by. My name is Aradhana (pronounced Aradna) and I am blessed to be living my LIFE PURPOSE of EMPOWERING WOMEN to live a life free of judgement and self criticism. I want you to love yourself and your life. I am so glad you found me.

Image by Martin Jernberg

I was born in India and migrated to Australia at a very young age. I grew up in Melbourne during the 90s when being a person of colour and having an uncommon name made me the target to harmful classroom jokes. 


As a little girl I loved reading, writing, music, dancing and movies. I loved being on my own until I started getting judged for being different to others. A feeling of I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH kicked in and it stayed way too long. 

I made every effort after that to follow the crowd so I wouldn't be judged anymore. I started saying yes to events and people that didn't align with my values so I could fit in. 

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I was no longer doing what made me happy. 

Unfortunately, I experienced severe depression for many years while trying to maintain a facade of being someone I'm not

I would always turn to food & retail therapy to find comfort and suppress the feeling of low self worth. I also had a few toxic relationships which made me feel worse.  

I finally decided the only person's love & approval I needed was MY OWN and I was not going to find it in another piece of cake, a handbag or a guy who didn't share the same values as me.

With the help of my beautiful coach I returned to SELF LOVE and let go of the limiting belief 'I am not good enough'.




I am finally able to say this belief is no longer valid because I LOVE and ACCEPT myself exactly AS I AM and I focus on self love everyday.



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Embracing self love didn't come easily to me because I was made to believe that it is SELFISH. A lot of people struggle with embodying self love when they start the healing journey. I did too, and that is totally ok. That is why coaching is so effective as it helps you to let go of beliefs that are not true and may not even be yours. 

I want to help other women HEAL and LIVE a happy life just like I am. 

As your coach. yoga teacher and reiki master I help you to break free of self judgement + criticism by embracing self love, kindness + compassion. You will learn to become your own cheerleader and follow your heart in everything you do. If it doesn't feel right, you will finally say no to it without SHAME or GUILT. 


If you are READY to get started book a free 45 minute coaching call + a RECEIVE a complementary reiki healing to kick start your healing journey via the link below.


In the call I will share more about the coaching program and how it works to help you release limiting beliefs + childhood trauma one step at a time.


I will also share with you a bit of my personal journey so you can see how I was able to break free from self judgement and embrace self love.

I look forward to connecting with you soon! Until then be kind and spread love!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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