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Health Coaching

Are you ready to live a healthy, happy and anxiety free life? 

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What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a powerful process that helps you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, cultivate SELF LOVE

and live a life free of self judgement + criticism

Together, we will work on bringing balance to your life in all areas that are important to you so that you can achieve your health and wellness goals with the support of a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 

As you progress through the program you will see your life TRANSFORM from where you are now to where you want to be.


What will you get with 
Health Coaching?

As your Health Coach, I look at your life holistically and support you to integrate techniques such as gratitude, art, journaling and meditation, to remove limiting beliefs and heal childhood trauma. 

During each session you will 

  • Release negative thought patterns by using positive affirmations

  • Increase your self worth by embodying self love

  • Build a grateful mindset 

  • Set SMART goals

  • Review progress of your goals and adjust as needed

By the end of the 3 month coaching program you will feel more balanced and at peace in the key areas of your life such as physical & mental health, relationships, career and money. 

You will also get 2 reiki sessions to help remove any blocked energy within your body.

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The Benefits of Working with a Health Coach

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Set better goals & create
LASTING lifestyle changes

Creating goals that work and empower you to live a healthy life is a great way to achieve whatever you desire. As your coach I will help you to create SMART goals, which are measured and time based. Using this method, you will be empowered to make lifelong changes that bring you true HAPPINESS.

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Provide NEW connections
in your life

With health coaching, you will learn how to connect deeply with yourself and others. This is because you have a better understanding of your personal needs and your life will naturally adjust. Your relationships will begin to FLOURISH and will be filled with JOY.

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Help you train your MIND

Resetting your thought patterns (especially the self doubt) is an integral part to cultivating a healthy mindset.  As we begin to explore your limiting beliefs, release childhood trauma and create goals that align with your desires you will develop a POSITIVE mindset.

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Develop BETTER problem solving skills

Not everyday will always goes to plan. With health coaching, you will learn techniques that help shift stress and anxiety into EMPOWERMENT. This is really beneficial when those unexpected barriers or worries creep in.

Explore Health Coaching further and see how it can help you with a free call!