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Healing feels scary at first because of the stigma that you are broken if you ask for help. Reiki is a beautiful way to start to let go of the pain and sadness you may be feeling without talking about how you feel. This is why it's something special I provide my clients who are not yet ready to share their story, AND THAT MY DARLING IS OK. The main thing is that you give yourself the chance to start, to feel and then eventually to HEAL

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What is Reiki?

It's a special way to connect to yourself. It provides a safe space for you to process and work through any blocked energy in your body.

Removing blocked energy helps to cultivate a positive and blessed mindset because you are able to align to the inner wisdom (your gut) easily and have the confidence to make decisions for your highest good.

As the practitioner I help to facilitate the movement of energy out of your body by placing my hands gently on or near the 7 chakra points. 

After your session you will feel relaxed and ready to support yourself from a place of love and compassion. 

What to expect during your Reiki Session

During your session I will

  • share a little about reiki, explain how the session will run and make sure that you are comfortable before we begin.

  • perform the healing by lightly placing my hands near or on the 7 chakra points to transfer energy from my hands to you. You may feel a warm or tingly sensation during the session which will subside as the healing continues

  • provide recommendations for after care and invite you to ask questions.

Reiki healing is a non-invasive, gentle & safe practice. It is recommended that you rest up after healing for further integration as you will feel relaxed.

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The Benefits of Reiki


Re-connect with yourself & create a safe space

Self love is the key to healing. Once you start to connect to yourself from a place of love and compassion you are able to process emotional trauma and stress with greater ease.


Process & work through blocked energy 

We often feel stuck in a situation due to what we have experienced. Reiki will help to remove stagnant  energy out of your body and promotes mental clarity


Cultivate a positive & blessed mindset

After releasing blocked energy, you will be empowered to think about life differently. Challenges will become lessons, and life will feel a little less overwhelming. 

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Make confident decisions for your highest good

By connecting to your inner wisdom you are able to make better decisions for yourself. Your gut instinct is heightened and life flows with ease


Find out how Reiki shifts blocked energy with a healing session

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Working With Me

I offer both in person and distant healing. 

Each session is 60 mins long with the healing being 45 mins. I like to spend time talking to my clients so I can also provide them with tools they can use post the reiki session for further healing and support. 

It is recommended that you get a reiki healing every 4-6 weeks depending on how you are feeling and what you are working through.


Consider the investment of $99 for a 60 minute session a gift of personal wellbeing and health


Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

What the women who came before you are saying...

"During my reiki session, I felt fully supported and found the process really relaxing that I feel asleep. All the messages that Aradhana shared with me after resonated with where I was at in my life. Aradhana provided some self care practises which I had been thinking to implement, so the session ended up confirming how better to take care of myself. " ~ Sheena ~
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