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Why Embracing Self Love is the Key to Happiness and Success?

While I was under the weather for a little while longer than expected, all I wanted was to feel happy and healthy again.

So I could continue doing things that light me up, like yoga, travelling, spending time with my loved ones and reading.

What about you? Are you still looking for something external to make you feel good? Sorry to burst your bubble but external validation, love and the new handbag will only make you feel good for a short period of time.

What will bring you true happiness is loving yourself fully and accepting your life, the ups and downs for what they are. Instead of hoping things we were different.

Yes it’s hard to accept your life, when you compare it to others, but that darling will never make you happy. You are unique and no-one else will ever be able to fully love and understand you the way you can.

And it starts with a little compassion, kindness and lots of self love for the amazing person that you are.

When you appreciate the lessons in life, with time and patience you will also learn to love and respect your life. It’s a gift worth cherishing as are you.

So are you willing to finally accept your life for what it is, and promise yourself you will honour yourself each and everyday.

I love you, and I know that you’ll have a great life when you start to love yourself too 🤗

If self love isn’t your default, book a FREE Coaching call via the link below and let’s break down whatever is holding you back from being your own best friend.

I promise it will be worth it.

With love, your wellness coach Aradhana x

Self Love starts the moment you say YES

To living a happier and healthier life

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